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BBC Radio Scotland, 14 February, The Janice Forsyth Show, Interview
The Herald,20th January. Weaving Ghosts:Lois Walpole: An Lanntair, Sarah Urwin Jones, Article and Pictures

Oficio y arte No.137 2016. Lois Walpole,  by  Carlos Fontales. Interview
Vosges Matin, 7 May, Le Saule, Invite Vedette du Week-End. Article
The New Shetlander, No.275 Voar Issue 2016. Cover Photo
Textile Is More, 28 March, Agenda, Article and Pictures
The Arts Desk, 27 March, We Made It: Lois Walpole, Basket- Maker, Thomas Rees. Interview
Shetland Times, 4 March, Walpole's Strong Case for the Basket, Peter Davis. Review
Shetland News, 25 February. Turning Beach Bruck into Art.   Article and Picture
BBC Radio 4, Front Row, 25 February. Interview  
BBC Radio Shetland, 23 February. Interview

Ceske Televize Ostrava, 24 January. Interview

National Geographic Poland, 12 August. Picture
Ateliers d’Art, France, September/October, L’osier au-dela du Pannier, Dominique Brisson. Article/Picture
Ting Pa Nytt, Ingvard Braten of Ase Kvalbein, Fakbokforlaget.Picture

Le Lien Creatif, France, September, L’art de la Récupération Façon Lois Walpole, Bernard Bertrand. Article/Pictures
Sud Ouest, France, 22 September, Un Regard Nouveau sur la Vannerie, Pierre-Manuel Reault. Article/Picture
Sud Ouest, France, 20 September, Tresser, C'est Tout un Art, Chantal Gilbert. Article/Picture

National Life Stories, British Library, Review and Accounts 2011/12. Article/Pictures
Centre Presse, 4 August, De la Vannerie Tendance XXI. Article/Picture

Crafts, The Soft Rebellion of the Wicker Woman, Emmanuel Cooper. Review/Picture
Shetland Times, 25 March, An Accessible and Cheery Show Which is Bound to Raise a Smile, Stephen Gordon. Review /Picture
Fare Cesti, Andrea Magnolini, Terra Nuova. Picture
Craft Lives, National Life Stories, British Library. Interview

Shetland Times, 12 March, Review, Article/Pictures
The Wessex Muse Magazine, November/December, Gill Kaye. Review/Picture
Dundee Courier, December. Picture
Lois Walpole, Urban Baskets;Tradition Recycled, Illustrated Catalogue with articles by Martina Margetts, Tony Hayward and Carlos Fontales Ortiz, Walford Mill Crafts.

Charente Libre, France, 4 November, Ces Petits Bouts de Rien qui Font L'oeuvre de Lois Walpole, Richard Tallet. Article/Pictures

El Progreso, Lugo, Spain, 30 May. Article
La Voz de Lugo, Spain, 27 May. Article/Picture
Charente Libre, France, 22 March, Tusson Inaugure sa British Galerie, Michel Rebiere. Article
L'Avenir, Charente, France, 13 March. Article
EL, 31 August, La Meca de la Artesania. Article
Radio Galicia, Spain, May 29. Interview
TF3, France, April 11. Interview

Tricks with Trees,Ivan Hicks and Richard Rosenfeld, Pavillion.
Diario de Avisos, Islas Canarias, 2 September, "El Arte Puede Usar Recursos Naturales de Una Forma Beneficiosa Para la Propria Naturaleza" Abache Abreu. Article/Picture
El Progreso, Lugo, Spain, 5 March. Article/Picture
Oficio y Arte, Spain, April May, Reciclaje y Mimbre Vivo, Carlos Fontales. Article/Pictures
Resurgence, Visual Jazz, Sandy Brown. Article/Picture
Crafts, November/December, Buyers Bedazzled, Corinne Julius. Article/Pictures
TV Mallorca, June 5. Interview
TV Galicia, February 26. Interview

Shetland Times,10 November. Article/Picture
El Progreso, Lugo, Spain, 11 May, Article, Perversion Material, Marta Becerra. Article/Picture
Gardens Monthy, February/March, Willow Talk, Terry Barber. Article/Pictures
Galicia TV, May. Interview
BBC Radio Shetland, October. Interview

Grand Designs, June, Trade Secrets, Claire Barret and Cathy Strongman. Article/Pictures
EP Magazine, Summer. Picture

The Organic Way, Spring. Article
Growing Village, Nagoya TV. Interview

The Times, Weekend, Saturday 26 July, Go Wild Grow Your Own Furniture, Alison Davies. Article/Picture
Gardens Illustrated, June. Picture
Kunsthandwerk & Design, Germany, September/October. Article/Picture
Contemporary Craft Collecting at the Shipley Gallery Gateshead, Tyne and Wear Museums. Picture

Crafts, January/February, New Commissions for Bankfield Museum, Liz Hoggard. Article/Picture
Arborsculpture, Solutions for a Small Planet, Richard Reames, Arborsmith Studios. Pictures

Telegraph Magazine, 5 May, Many Happy Returns, Ali Watkinson. Article/Picture
World of Interiors, November. Picture
Homes & Gardens, August, On Course, Katherine Sorrell. Article/Picture
Crafts, On Paper:New Paper Art, Ruth Pavey. Review
Basketry a World Guide to Traditional Techniques, Bryan Sentance, Thames & Hudson. Pictures

Financial Times, 6 June, Reaping the Harvest of Cultivated Crafts, William Packer. Article
Manly Daily, Australia, 16 June. Picture
Penrith City Star, Australia, 30 May. Article
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, 27 May. Article
Newcastle Herald, Australia, 19 January. Picture
Oxford University Gazette, March. Article
Jay News, RCA, 27 March. Picture
Eat, Drink & Be Merry, The British at Table 1600-2000, Ed.Ivan Day, Philip Wilson.  Picture

Art & Craft, December, No More Corn Dollies, Sian Williams. Article/Pictures
Crafts, October/November, Contemporary International Basketmaking, Lesley Jackson. Review
Highbury and Islington Gazette, 30 July. Picture
Evening Standard, 14 July, Weaving a Spell of Their Own, Corinne Julius. Article/Pictures
Jersey Evening Post, Saturday 20 February. Picture
Jersey Evening Post, Thursday 11 February, Artist Keeps Faith in a Throwaway World. Suzanne Tilley, Article/Picture
Jersey Evening Post, Thursday 4 February. Article/ Picture
Independent, 24 July, Dont Put All Your Eggs in One, Fiona Macleod. Review
Contemporary International Basketmaking, Mary Butcher, Merrell Holberton. Picture

Hansard (House of Lords) 13 October, p.874. Mention
Home Style, April, Get Weaving, Pamela Westland. Article/Pictures
Textiel Plus, Netherlands, May, Lois Walpole Wasmanden Von Beschilderd Rotan, Marion Smit. Article/Picture

Times Educational Supplement, 2 May, Craft Lies in the Making, Deedee Cuddihy, Review
Independent Eye, 24 May. Cover picture
TheTimes, 5 April. Picture
Express Magazine, 6 September, Craftworks, Oliver Bennet. Cover Picture
Metropolitan Home, May/June. Picture
KB&B, March. Picture
Crafts, January/February, New Craftwork for the Co-Op Headquarters Rochdale, Ruth Pavey. Article/Picture
Marie Claire, January. Picture
Prisma, Germany, 14 June. Picture
Paper, Beata Thackeray, Conran Octopus. Picture
International Design Yearbook, Ed. Philipe Starck, Laurence King. Picture
Screen Works, Marion Elliot, Lorenze Books. Project
Beautiful Things, BBC Wales, September. Film

Popular Crafts, October. Article
Homes & Gardens, April, Rags to Riches, Michele Goldsmith. Article/Pictures
Sunday Telegraph Magazine, 8 December. Picture
Guardian Weekend, 2 November. Article
Sunday Telegraph, August 11, A Load of Old Rubbish, Nicole Swengley. Article
The Sunday Times Style, 21 April. Picture
The Times, March 13, The Ultimate in Throwaway Lines, Alison Bekett. Picture
Perjantai, Kuopio, Finland, 23 August. Article/Picture
Vogue, March. Picture
Contemporary Wicker Basketry, Flo Hoppe, Lark Books. Pictures
Paper Sculpture, Paul Jackson, Quarto Publishing. Pictures
BBC Radio Scotland, 2 May. Interview

Independent,March, It's a Load of Old Rubbish, John Windsor. Article/Picture
Crafts, July/August, Baskets:an Exhbition of Historic and Contemporary Basketry, Mary Butcher. Review
The Face, January. Picture

Weekend Telegraph, 18 June. Picture
Hampstead and Highgate, 8 April, Pioneer of Painted Cane, Harriet Forster. Article/Picture
Elle Decoration, May/June, Take Three, Elspeth Thompson. Picture
Harpers and Quen, January. Picture
Weekend Telegraph, 10 September, When Wicker Works Wonders, Elspeth Thompson. Article/Picture
Shop, Eds. George Hardie and Betty Miles, University of Brighton. Interview/Pictures

Country Life, 26 August, Pink Glow the Rushes O, Amicia de Moubray. Article/Pictures
Country Living, March, The Alchemists, Miranda Innes. Article Picture
Telegraph Magazine, 13 August. Picture
Craft Magazine, Shortform. Article/Picture
Punter Magazine, July, Deckchairs, Stepehen Foster. Article
Country Craft Compendium, Miranda Innes, Conran Octopus. Project
Re-Use Repair Recycle, Jan Mc Harry. Picture
The London Crafts, Likewater Co. Pictures
The Best of British Women. The Best of British Publications

Crafts, March/April, Salvaged! Art in a Throwaway World, Pamela Johnson. Article
Crafts, October/November. Picture
Homes & Gardens, April. Picture
Ideal Home, March. Picture
Practical Gardening, February. Picture
Elle Decoration, July/August. Picture
But First This, BBC TV, January. Interview

Portsmouth City Echo, 29 November. Picture
Guardian, 20 November, Scrap Mettle, Harriet Forster. Article/Picture
Green Magazine, November. Picture
Time Out, 23 October. Picture
This is London, November. Picture
Newbury Weekly News, 16 May, A Contrasting Trio, Jennifer D'Alton. Article
Country Living, August, Pret- A -Porter, Hester Page. Pictures
Practical Gardening, July. Picture
Crafts, May/June, Scottish Gallery Solo Show, Janet Rae. Review
Country Living, December. Picture
Girl About Town, 28 October. Picture
South Wales Evening Post, 24 April. Picture
International Crafts, Martina Margetts, Thames & Hudson. Picture

Telegraph Magazine,25 August, Home Front, Anoop Parikh. Article/Pictures
The Times Saturday, 10 March, Crafty Ways to make a Living, Nicole Swengley.  Article/Picture
Journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, April, Not Pots, Patricia Baines. Review
Homes & Gardens, March. Picture
Good Housekeeping, March, Picture
Financial Times, 2 February, Abandon Safe Good Taste and Back a Craftsman, Susan Moore. Article
Womans Journal, March. Picture
Crafts Council Report, Picture
Focus: The Magazine of the National Museums and Art Galleries on Merseyside. Picture
Not Pots, Six Crafts on Four, Channel 4 Televison, March/ April. Film

Yorkshire Post, 20 December, Bright Ideas by the Basketful, Valerie Webster. Book Review
Sunday Telegraph Magazine, 9 September. Picture
Sunday Times Magazine, 2 September. Picture
Observer, 7 May, Wickers World, Kay Marles. Article/Picture
Marie Claire, 20 December. Picture
Connoisseur, November. Picture
The Times, Time Again to Pick up a Basket, Nicole Swengley. Article
Womans Hour, BBC Radio 4, March. Interview
Handmade, BBC1 TV, January. Interview

Time Out, 5 October. Picture
Homes & Gardens, October. Picture
Radio Times, 10 December. Picture
Cosmopolitan, May. Picture
Crafts Council Report. Picture
House &Garden. Picture
Handmade, BBC 2 TV, December. Interview

Crafts, March/April, Basketeers, Alison Britton. Article
House & Garden, October. Picture
Homes and Gardens, August. Picture
Casa Vogue, (Italy) July. Picture
Elle April. Picture 
East London Advertiser, 20 November. Article/Picture

Financial Times, 6 September, Where Craft Becomes Art, Lucia Van der Post. Review
Japan Style, November. Article/Pictures
House & Garden, October. Picture
Crafts, January/February, Craft Matters Review, Deanna Petherbridge. Article

Designing, Spring, Basketmaker Extraordinaire. Article/Pictures
The News Basket, USA, June. Article
Ideal Homes, October. Picture
In Store, July. Pictures
World of Interiors, March, Waste Paper Baskets, Ros Byam Shaw. Article/Picture
Crafts Council Collection 1972-85, Crafts Council. Picture
The Chidrens Channel, TV, November. Interview

Sunday Times Magazine,16 September, Art in a Basket, Annabel Walker. Article/Pictures
Daily Telegraph, 5 June. Article
World of Interiors, July/August. Picture
Making the Most Of, Yorkshire TV, November. Interview

El Paso Times, USA, 14 July. Article/Picture




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